Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Section 7 - Night, the Metaphor

"The night was growing longer, never-ending." 

These are the words that Elie Wiesel uses to describe his feelings as he and his fellow prisoners are in the roofless cattle car heading to the German concentration camp. Buchenwald.

Discuss the metaphor "night" as the author uses it throughout his autobiography.

Remember that this is English class; use appropriate grammar and mechanics.


  1. Maybe we should have a contest to see how many times Elie Wiesel uses night as a metaphor in his autobiography. Each time he uses a slightly different context or description or point of view. I am amazed that through all this death and horror, his language is so poignant and literary. Now YOU tell me about the metaphor night.

  2. 945137

    The writer of this autobiography used the word "night" as a meaning of a terrible time in his life. In my personal opinion when he said night is referring the awful time the Nazi's made him pass in the concentration camp. Also the things they were force to do even if they didn't want to do it. This word night have the meaning of when the sun goes down or when someone have terrible experience in life. However in this autobiography means a dark time in his live that he will never forget.


  3. 984449
    In my opinion, Elie Wiesel uses metaphor "night" because of the horrible satiationes that they had been through in the concentration camps, the cattle cars, and the march. What the Nazi's did to their families the Jews couldn't even imagine of that. The Nazi's burned the kids and adults just like paper it didn't meant anything to them.

  4. 962620
    I think he uses NIGHT as a metaphor do to all the horrible things he was seeing and living. Maybe he thought that in those times one of the nights he was gonna go to sleep and never wake up. that's just my opinion I don't really know what he uses night as a metaphor but i think is do to what he saw and what he lived. Living in the time he lived is like life its always dark like night.

  5. 965305
    I think he uses NIGHT as a metaphor to describe all the horrible things that he had pass in the camp from the binning to the end of his liberation. Like when he hear the babies crying in the camp and the soldiers hen the young boy. Maybe because in night everything can happen to people no marrow what. NIGHT is a dark world the no one wants to use or go out during night. I think every time when he sees the night came he may imagine the how many night he had live in the camp but this not one.

  6. 964618

    Elie used the word "NIGHT" to describe each horrible thing that hi lived when he was at the concentration camp.it may used this word because everyone had nightmare and nightmares occur just at night when you go to bed. in my own opinion, i think that "NIGHT" refers to all those monstrosity experience that Elie lived during the concentration camp since he was moved from his house from Sighet.

  7. The book Night touches the reader's heart. The story about Elie inspires the reader to take action against inhumane treatment. I like how all the descriptive words are used to describe all the hardships and troubles Elie and the other Jews faced. I didn't like how the book ended. It could've showed where Elie went after the camp was liberated.